September 2016


Tuesday September 6, 1 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall SFMTA Board Meeting Item 10. Consent Calendar  Items 10.2 A-Divisions St. Item I – Potrero / 17th no red turns. Item J – Harrison oversize vehicle. Item 11. Folsom St. Project.

Wednesday September 7, 6 PMagenda
SFCTA CAC Committee  packet  agenda  Item 4. Appointment announcements Item 5. Investment Report Item 6. Major Cap Projects Update – Transbay and Rail Extension memo Item 7. Muni prioritization for prop K memo Item 8. Support for Allocation of $20,888,900 in Prop K Funds with 17 requests Item 9.  Plan Bay Area 2040 Revised List of Project Priorities.

Thursday September 8, 12 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission Item 14 2016-006593PCA Student housing exemption from inclusionary housing requirements from 5 to 2 years requirement for excemption. Item 15 2015-009850pca off-street parking and loading requirements

Monday September 12,1:30 PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Land Use and Transportation Supervisors Meeting – Item 1. 160788 Zoning extension for Calle 24.

Monday September 12,5:30 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall Small Business Commission – Item 4. Resolution Presentation and Possible Action to make recommend to the Board of Supervisors on a resolution authorizing the Office of Small Business to expend grant funds in the amount of up to $1,000,000 to disburse grants to Qualified Legacy Businesses who apply for business assistance grants between October 1, 2016 and December 15, 2016. Item5. Presentation and Discussion for proposed rules and regulations to administer Administrative Code 2A.243 (c), The Rent Stabilization Account.

Tuesday September 13, 2 PM
Room 250 City Hall Board of Supervisors Meeting – Item 25. Civil Grand Jury findings and reso re: Auto Burglary in SF. Item 26. 3 PM Special Order – 160612 Appeal of CEQA determination re: 2000-2070 Bryant St. 160777 CU appeal on 2000-2070 Bryant St. Item 36- 37. Confirming Appointments to Planning Commission – Myrna Melgar and Joel Koppel.

Tuesday September 13, 6:30 PM
953 De Haro St.,
Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, 25 local ballot measures, 8 candidate races including two BART Board seats and 4 City College board seats. Board of Education candidates will be discussed at Potrero Hill Democratic Club September 13th Endorsement meeting #3 – same location and time.

Tuesday September 13, 6:30 PM
515 Cortland Ave., 
Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, Information and discussion while Bernal Heights Democratic Club sifts through the list to create BHDC’s ballot initiatives endorsement slate.

Wednesday September 14, 5 PMagenda
Room 416 City Hall Board of Appeals  – Item 8. Appeal NO. 16-114 (docs) Papadopoulos v Planning Commission, 20270 Bryant Large Project Authorization. Item 10. Appeal No. 16-054. (docs) 450 Alabama Appeal Violation and penalty re: illegal office us in PDR building. Resident claims institutional use as job training center.

Wednesday September 14, 6-7:30 PM
 2097 Turk St., St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church, San Francisco Tenants Union – District 5 Tenants Town Hall. Join San Francisco Tenants Union and ACCE Action to learn about :
How the upcoming election will impact tenants. The supervisor candidates and their record of supporting tenants and affordable housing. The propositions that support renters rights and the ones that make the problem worse. How to build tenant power this election and beyond.

Wednesday September 14, 6:30-9:30 PM
4753 Mission St., Henry’s Hunan Restaurant, District 11 Democratic Club Proposition Endorsement meeting. Proposition Endorsement meeting.  Be an informed voter.

Thursday September 15, 12 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission – Item 8. 2016-010605PCA BETTER ROOFS ORDINANCE – Planning Code Amendment – Ordinance amending the Green Building Code, Planning Code and the Environment Code to establish requirements for certain new building construction facilitating development of renewable energy facilities and living roofs. Item 13. 2014.1279ENX  249 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Center Hardware site LPA. They are resplacing 19,125 of PDR with 3,426. But, the real kicker is the rear yard next to the freeway exit. LA citizen groups are suing over housing next to the freeway.

Sunday September 18, 4:30-6 PM
4239 Geary Blvd. –
Sandra Lee Fewer Transportation Forum The Richmond District deserves to have transportation system that we can depend on for decades to come. That’s why one of my top priorities if elected for District 1 Supervisor will be to fight for a Transportation Master Plan that will serve the needs of our residents and small businesses for the next 50 to 100 years. Please read more about my policy platform on transportation here, and join us for a Transportation Forum this Sunday. RSVP: On Facebook or reply to this email. Information:

Monday, September 19, 1:30 PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Land Use and Transportation Committee Item 1. 160426 Midtown Terrace Rezoning Item 2. 160894 Interim Moratorium on First Story Business or Professional Service Uses in West Portal Avenue Neighborhood Commercial District. Item 3. 160321  Ordinance amending the Planning Code to require inclusion in the Housing Balance Report data about the withdrawal of housing units from the rental market by all means.  UNDER 30 DAY RULE: 160925 (SFMTA) Ordinance amending the Planning Code to establish a citywide Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program, to require Development Projects to incorporate design features, incentives, and tools that support sustainable forms of transportation; create a new administrative fee to process TDM Plan applications and compliance reports. 160986 Sponsor: Wiener [Fire Code – Fire Apparatus Access Roads] Ordinance amending the San Francisco Fire Code to amend the San Francisco Fire Marshal’s authority to increase the minimum access widths for streets; repeal the prohibition against traffic calming devices that the Fire Marshal has not approved, and reaffirm and clarify that the City has not adopted as part of the San Francisco Fire Code Appendix D of the California Fire Code, addressing standards for fire apparatus access roads; and affirming the Planning Department’s determination under CEQA.

Tuesday, September 20, 1 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall SFMTA Board Meeting Item 11. (doc.) Muni Forward Taraval Street Neighborhood requests letters and comments supporting the neighbors and Muni riders’ request for a six month trial run before any permanent adjustments are made, as was done on Dolores Street. contact:

Tuesday, September 20, 2 PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Board of Supervisors Meeting Item 1. 160851 Parkmerced street vacation Item 2. 160890 Tax parcel rate and pass-through Item 28. 160614 City Grand Jury Maintenance Budgeting and Accounting Challenges for General Fund Departments: Maintenance Economics Versus Maintenance Politics: Pay Now or Pay More Later. Item 34. 160993 [Urging the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to Preserve the Historic Character of the Van Ness Corridor] Sponsor: Peskin Resolution urging the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to make all efforts to preserve the historic character of the Van Ness Corridor through reuse as well as replication of the Van Ness Avenue historic streetlamp.

Thursday September 22, 12 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission – Items 1a-c. and Items 2a-g. AAU planning code changes – continuance. Item 8. 2010.1182CWP EASTERN NEIGHBORHOOD MONITORING REPORT – Informational Presentation – The Eastern Neighborhoods Plans Monitoring Reports. Item 9. 2016-003658GEN RESIDENTIAL EXPANSION REVIEW Info.
10. 2016-011082PCA
Temporary Homeless Shelters in PDR, WMUO, and SALI DistrictS [BF 160960] – Planning Code Amendment Adopt a Recommendation for Approval. Item 11. 2016-010665CUA 25TH STREET NAVIGATION CENTER Item 12. 2013.0517X  98 PENNSYLVANIA STREET  Item 13a-b. 2014-000601ENX 2675 FOLSOM STREET 22nd and 23rd LPA and 2014-000601CUA CU. CAN objects.

Thursday September 22, 6:30-8:30 PM
1111 Gough Street at Geary, St. Mary’s Cathedral (lower level) D-5 Candidate Forum –
London Breed and Dean Preston with Nuala Sawyer, moderating. (flyer)

Monday September 26, 10:30 PMagenda
Room 250 Supervisors Land Use Transportation Meeting – 160925 transportation demand management 160965 [Planning, Green Building Codes – Better Roof Requirements, Including Living Roofs] 160985 and 160986 [Fire Code – Fire Apparatus Access Roads] Ordinances altering procurement process for purchasing fire vehicles and repealing the prohibition against traffic calming devices that the Fire Marshal has not approved. 161014  [Planning Code – Exempting Certain Historic Landmarks From November 2016 Ballot Measure Requiring CU to Replace PDR, Institutional Community, and Arts Activities Uses] 161024 [Extending Interim Zoning Controls – New Ground Floor Office Uses Facing 2nd Street – King and Folsom Streets]

Monday September 26, 2 PM – agenda (attached docs.)
Room 400 Small Business Commission Meeting – Item 3. 160962 – Police Code – Limited Live Performance Permits – Union Street Neighborhood Commercial District. Item 4. 160553 Signage codes Item 5-6. Presentation and Discussion on proposed final Rules and Regulations and application for the Legacy Historical Preservation Fund, Business Assistance Grant Program.

Tuesday, September 27, 11 AMagenda and packet
Room 250 City Hall- SFCTA Meeting  Item 5. Vision Zero Item 7. Amend Prop K Funds strategic plan resolution 8. Allocate $20,888,900 in Prop K Funds resolution  enclosure

Tuesday, September 27, 2 PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Board of Supervisors Meeting Item 31. 16016 [Board Response – Civil Grand Jury – Into the Open: Opportunities for More Timely and Transparent Investigations of Fatal San Francisco Police Department Officer-Involved Shootings] Item 32. 160618 [Board Response – Civil Grand Jury – San Francisco Homeless Health and Housing: A Crisis Unfolding on Our Streets] Item 33. 160321 Item35. 160426 [Planning Code, Zoning Map – Rezoning Midtown Terrace Neighborhood] Item 38. 161027 Item 41. 161029 (Tenant rent Strike action) 

Tuesday, September 27, 6 PM
700 Howard St, Arts and Families Town Hall – Come join us at the YBCA theater and learn how you can make a difference in making this vision of a just and vibrant city a reality, a Better SF, where the arts thrive and every family has a home. This November San Franciscans will be making a momentous decision on a vision for our city. This precedent setting ballot measure could address the most urgent issues of housing and homelessness while ensuring stable and increased funding for artists and arts groups serving every neighborhood.  (Props S and X)

Wednesday September 27, 6 PM
Brava for Women in the Arts D-9 Board of Supervisor Candidate Debate ~ Supervisor David Campos term expires at the end of 2016. Four candidates are running for election to replace Supervsior Campos: Joshue Arce, Melissa San Miguel, Hillary Ronen and Iswari Espana.

Thursday September 29, 12 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission Item 12. 2016-008126MAP  UPPER MARKET STREET – Planning Code and Zoning Map Amendment to delete the Upper Market Street Neighborhood Commercial (NC) District and reclassify Block 2623, Lot 006 at 376 Castro Street and Block 2623, Lot 091 at 2416-2420 Market Street from Upper Market Street NC District to the Upper Market Street Neighborhood Commercial Transit (NCT) District. Item 13.  2016-008768PCA   AMUSEMENT ARCADES IN EN MIXED USE DISTRICTS [BF 160748]  

October 2016

Thursday, October 6, 5-6:30 PM
2868 Mission St. Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts – Prop X Kickoff

Thursday, October 6, 6:30-9 PM – details
934 Brannan St. SOMArts ArtSpan Artlaunch
VIP Reception 6:30-7:30pm:
$50: One Art Lover Members / $80: Dual Art Lover Membership Click here for details on year-round membership benefits!
General Admission 7:30-9:00pm:  $25 per person

Saturday, October 8, 5 PM-
934 Brannan St. SOMArts ArtSpan SF Art Tasting 2016: Juror & Artist Talk. Join us for a taste of art, games, wine, and stimulating discussion at the SF Open Studios Exhibition. Please your palette with wine tasting and snacks, while viewing over 400 works of art, sculpture, and jewelry by San Francisco artists. Browse the gallery, get a taste of the artworks on display and hear how jurors and Juror’s Choice-Award winning artists selected artwork for the exhibition. $10 tickets includes wine tasting. details.

Wednesday, October 12, 6 PM
Galleria Center, ¡VIVA MEDA! On behalf of the staff and Board of Directors of the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), we cordially invite you our ¡VIVA MEDA! 43rd Anniversary Celebration.