Thursday, December 1, 12 PM – agenda
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission– Item 5. 2015-012722PCA INCLUSIONARY AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROGRAM {BOARD FILE NO. 150911} Planning Code Amendment, Mayor, Tang and Farrell, off-site alternative options to inclusionary affordable. (continuance proposed) Item 13. COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY ELEMENTDrinking establishments in an area. Item 14. LOCAL COASTAL PROGRAM AMENDMENT PROCESS informational on sea level rise. item 15. COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY INVENTORY 2015  – Informational presentation – This 22nd Inventory is one of the Department’s reports on the economy and land use. informational (public info on inventory)

Thursday, December 1, 5:30 PMagenda
1 South Van Ness, 7th Floor. SFMTA CAC
Commuter Bus HUB presentation

Monday, December 5, 1:30 PM – agenda
Room 250 City Hall, Supervisors Land Use and Transportation Committee Item 1.
161285 Real Property Acquisition of all Sidewalks Along Portions of Van Ness and South Van Ness Avenue. (between Lombard Street and Market Street), and portions of South Van Ness Avenue (between Market Street and Plum Street), turning over maintenance etc. to DPW. Refer to full board. Item2. 161241 Creating interim controls. Refer to full board. Item 3. 161157 Inclusionary Housing Item 4. 160925 TDM Traffic Demand Management

Monday, December 5, 2:30 PM – agenda
Room 263 City Hall, Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee Item 1.
161286 Dredging of Central Basin by Pier 70

Tuesday, December 6,  11:30 AM – agenda
Room 250 City Hall, SFCTA Finance Committee Item 3. Recommend Approval of the 2017 State and Federal Legislative Program – ACTION*  memo Item 4. Parsons Brinckerhoff contract for Treasure Island Engineering, toll system.

Tuesday, December 6,  2 PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Board of Supervisors Item 3. 160510
Student Housing Exemption from Inclusionary Housing Requirements. Item 10. 161069 Definition of Projects and Responsibilities for Alternate Water Sources. Item12. 161194  Appropriation – General Obligation Bond Proceeds – Public Health and Safety (seismic upgrades) Item 15. 161096  Emergency Declaration – Airport Runways 19L and 19R Seawall Erosion – Estimated Cost of Repairs Exceeds $250,00. Item16. 161185  Planning and engineering for the proposed new headworks facility at the Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant between the City and County of San Francisco. Item 49. 161277 Rescinding Motion Reversing the Community Plan Exemption Determination and Requesting Additional Information – Proposed Project at 1515 South Van Ness Avenue] requesting further information from the Planning Department related to the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project. (Clerk of the Board)

Thursday, December 8,  12 PM –
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commissioners Meeting – Item 1.
2141 Chestnut CU. Item 8. 2013.0208GEN Mission Rock Presentation Item 9. COMMUNITY DEVELOMENT PRACTICE GROUP Informational Presentation. Partnering with communities of color and low income communities who are most severely impacted by gentrification and displacement. Item 10. 2016-013035PCA Exempting certain landmarks from Prop X requirements.

Friday, December 9, 9:40 AM

375 Beale St.,  Joint MTC Planning Committee with the ABAG Administrative Committee

Monday, December 12, 5:30 PM
Room 400 City Hall Small Business Commission
Item 3. Discussion and Action on Legacy Business Registry Applications and Resolutions. Discussion and action to approve the following applications to the Legacy Business Registry. Listed on agenda. Item 7. Presentation and Discussion regarding Legalization of Commercial Cannabis Sales. (Discussion Item)

Tuesday, December 13,  11 AMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Transportation Authority Board –  Item 6. Approve the 2017 State and Federal Legislative Program resolution  Item 11. Approve the Executive Director’s Performance Objectives for 2017 – ACTION*  resolution

Tuesday, December 13,  2 PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Board of Supervisors Meeting –  2 PM Mayor  Item 9.16105
Funding Community College Fund – FY2016-2017 – $9,000,000 – placing funds on Controller’s Reserve pending general fund tax revenues. 3 PM Special appeal to carry out a full Environmental Impact Review (EIR) for the Axis luxury development on 2675 Folsom at 22nd. 

Thursday, December 15,  2-3:30 PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Vision Zero Committee –  Item 4. Vision Zero Projects and Initiatives – INFORMATION*

Thursday, December 15,  10 AM
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission Meeting
Item 6. 1500 Mission Street at S. Van Ness. DEIR Special Use District.

Thursday, December 15,  1 PM
agendaSupporting material
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission and the Recreation and Park Commission
will meet to discuss whether to fully implement NAP’s management plans. VERY IMPORTANT TO PEOPLE WHO WANT TO STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF TREES. Campaign to protect Van Ness Trees Contact city officials: (links)