June 2017

Thursday, June 1, 1 PM – agenda
Room 400 City Hall, Budget and Finance Committee
Items 170517 – 170521 – Transbay Transit Center Annexation and Issuance of bonds and Appropriation of Proceeds from Special Tax Bonds for Transbay Transit Center Project – FY2016-2017 – $207,500,000.

Thursday, June 1, 12 PM – agenda – not cancelled after all, just late
Room 400 City Hall, Planning Commission
2014-001179CWP Housing Balance Report shows loss of affordable inspite of heavy housing development
2015-000644ENV Biosolids Digester Facilities Project at 750 Phelps St.written comments till June 19
10. 2013.0208E 
Seawall Lot 337 and Pier 48 Mixed Use Project. A copy of the report is available for public review and comment online at http://sf-planning.org/sfceqadocs.
Residential Expansion review – a clear process for alterations and demolitions in RH districts.
2015-014040CUA  2301 Lombard CU and vairance request – 22 units, 33 off-street parking spaces
2016-001273CUA  302 Greenwich / 1531 Montgomery CU and variance request. City Landmark No. 121: Julius’ Castle restauration of restaurant.
17.  2014-002026ENX
1726-1730 Mission St. LPAto demolish a 11,200 square-foot (sq. ft.), two-story, approximately 20-foot ­tall industrial building, and to construct of a six-story, 66-foot ­tall, 35,893 sq. ft. mixed-use building with up to 40 dwelling units, approximately 2,250 sq. ft. of ground floor PDR (Production Distribution and Repair) use, and 22 off-street parking spaces.
2015-011211SHD 1850 Bryant – east side of Bryant Street, between 17th and Mariposa Streets, through lot to Florida Street request for shadow allowance, CU, and variance.

June 1 Deadline to Comment on Draft Plan Bay Area 2040

Monday June 5, 1:30 PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Planning and Transportation Committee
170349 [Administrative Code – Owner Move-In Reporting Requirement]
8. 161351 [Planning Code – Inclusionary Affordable Housing Fee and Dwelling Unit Mix Requirements]

Tuesday, June 6, 9:40 AM Meeting of the Plan Bay Area Advisory Council was cancelled

Tuesday, June 6, 10:30 AM – agenda
Room 250 City Hall SFCTA – Vision Zero Committee Report – Information packet  agenda

Tuesday, June 6, 1 PM – agenda and packets
Room 250 City Hall SFMTA Board Meeting
10.2-3 Traffic Modifications and Parking Restrictions
11. Approval – Short Range Transit Plan
12. MTAB Fees and Fines Taskforce – doc MTA is considering lowering the fines and fees and allowing payment in a broader range of public service options! Read the presentation for the details and send feedback if you can.

Tuesday, June 6, 2 PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Board of Supervisors Meeting
150969 – [Planning Code – Affordable Housing Bonus Programs]
Sponsors: Mayor; Tang and Safai
20-26. MOH is providing operating subsidies for formerly homeless household housing projects in a number of existing units. No numbers are in the agenda, just the grant amounts. Read grant agreement details in attached docs.
28-29. 170203 Planning Code – [Article 7 Reorganization; Technical and Other Amendments] Mayor
30. 170420  [Administrative Code – Relocation Assistance for Lawful Occupants Regardless of Age]
49. 170627  [Urging the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development to Create Affordable Rental Housing for Educators of the San Francisco Unified School District.
50. 170633 [ Committee of the Whole – Permanent Closure of County Jail Nos. 3 and 4]

Tuesday, June 6, 7-9 PM
1010 Valencia Street (21 St.) Remax Offices Public Forum on Groundwater Blending
On April 18, the SFPUC began mixing lower quality, minimally treated groundwater with our pristine Hetch Hetchy drinking water. Concerns were raised at the first Board of Supervisors hearing on May 24. We are continuing the discussion by providing a public forum where different view points will be presented and questions will be asked from the SFPUC. This forum, sponsored by the Liberty Hill Neighborhood Association and the Noe Neighborhood Council encourages active community participation and awareness. Please join us, SFPUC representatives, and knowledgeable residents to discuss the divergent views on this topic.

Wednesday June 7, 6-7:30 PM
1550 Scott St, Western Addition Library Berniecrats Healthcare Meeting
Join us as we recap on what’s been happening since 05/18, plan future events, and discuss further actions about passing SB 562,. SB 562 passed the State Senate by a vote of 23-14, with three Democrats abstaining (Richard Pan, Richard Roth, Ben Hueso) and one Democrat (our neighbor Steve Glazer) voting No. (which passed through the senate and is now in the Assembly) and pushing for single-payer healthcare.  The fiscal study release this week was very positive – cost savings for the low & middle families and small businesses. The only cost increase would be for those making over $227,000 annually by 0.6%. More info:

Thursday, June 8, 10 AM – appears to be cancelled this week
BOS Budget and Subcommittee Meeting

Thursday, June 8, 12 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission
2014.2110CWP WESTERN SHORELINE AREA PLAN – Pursuant to Planning Code Section 340, the Planning Commission will consider a General Plan Amendment, adopting changes to the Western Shoreline Area Plan, the City’s Local Coastal Program, to incorporate sea level rise and coastal erosion policies in a new Coastal Hazards section.
13. 2017-004521MAP  THIRD STREET FORMULA RETAIL RESTRICTED USE DISTRICT – Pursuant to Planning Code Section 302, the Planning Commission will consider a Resolution of Intention to Initiate Zoning Map Amendments to Sectional Map SU10 of the City and County of San Francisco.
15. 2013.1404DRP  1298 VALENCIA STREET – located at the northwest corner of 24th Street and Valencia Streets, at the corner of 24th Street, Lot 021 in Assessor’s Block 3644 (District 8) – Request for DR proposing to demolish the existing one-story, 1,758 square foot automotive service and gas station (dba 76) and construct a new six-story, retail space and community arts space on the ground floor and 35 dwelling units above within the Valencia Street NCT (Neighborhood Commercial Transit) Zoning District.
16. 2015-016467 DRP-02  653 28TH STREET – south side of 28th Street (Diamond and Douglass); DR proposing new construction of three-story over basement single-family dwelling. The project includes demolition of existing two-story single-family house. The subject property is within a RH-1 (Residential, House, One-Family) Zoning District and 40-X Height and Bulk District.
17.  2014.0168DRP  2092 3RD STREET – northwest corner of 3rd and 18th Streets; Lot 007 in Assessor’s Block 3995 (District 10) – Request for DR project includes demolition of the existing building and new construction of a six-story 19 unit housing project.

Friday, June 9, 9:30 AMagenda – attached draft Summary of public input
Bay Area Metro Center – Board Room, First Floor – Meeting of the Plan Bay Area Advisory Administrative Committee.

Monday, June 12, 8-7 PM
Pier 40A South Beach Harbor Community Room
(just east the ballpark, near the tot lot) Director of San Francisco’s Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, will talk to us about homelessness in our neighborhood. JANE KIM, will also be with us to join in this conversation.

Tuesday, June 13, 10 AMagenda and packet
Rooms 250 City Hall SFCTA Meeting
4. Adopt Positions on State Legislation – ACTION*  resolution
Support: Assembly Bill (AB) 17 (Holden) Oppose Unless Amended: AB 1625 (Rubio)
5. Allocations and Appropriation
6. Approve the Fiscal Year 2017/18 Transportation Fund for Clean Air Program of Projects – ACTION*  resolution
7. Relocate the Geary Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Westbound Bus Lane Transition One Block West and Update the Locally Preferred Alternative – ACTION*  resolution

Tuesday, June 13, 2 PM – agenda
Rooms 250 City Hall Board of Supervisors Meeting
2 PM Special Order
Mayor’s Appearance Before The Board
4. 170203 [Planning Code – Article 7 Reorganization; Technical and Other Amendment]
6. 170420  [Administrative Code – Relocation Assistance for Lawful Occupants Regardless of Age]
7. [Redevelopment Plan Amendments – Bayview Hunters Point]
8. [Redevelopment Plan Amendments – Hunters Point Shipyard]

Thursday, June 15, 12 PM – agenda
Rooms 400 City Hall Planning Commission
5 PM or later 16-17b. 3526 FOLSOM STREET Appeal of Preliminary Mitigated Negative Declaration and DR request.

Friday, June 16, 2017 10 AM
Room 416 City Hall – Public Hearing on Shuttle zone changes

Monday, June 19,  1:30 PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Land Use and Transportation Meeting
161351 [Planning Code – Inclusionary Affordable Housing Fee and Dwelling Unit Mix Requirements]

Tuesday, June 20, 1 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall SFMTA Board Meeting
7. Directors’ ReportUpdate on Vision Zero
10.3 A-D
Approving various parking and traffic modifications associated with the Vicente Bicycle Lane project, including parking modifications
10.6 Authorizing the Director to execute Contract Modification No.3 to Contract No.2011-12-08 with Serco, for Parking Meter Coin Counting, Collection, and Support Services, to adapt service requirements in the contract to new technologies, increase the monthly management fee, change the contract from a crew-based system to an hourly billing system, and extend the contract for four years, to July 31, 2021, with no increase in the contract amount.
. Create new shared electric moped parking program
12. A-H Approving various parking and traffic modifications as part of the Potrero Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project

Tuesday, June 20, 2 PMagenda
Rooms 250 City Hall Board of Supervisors
170203,  Article 7 Reorganization
11. 170204,  Article 7 Reorganization, zoning control tables
25. 170742 Approval of a 180-Day Extension for Planning Commission Review of Planning Code – Car-Share and Shared Limited Range Vehicle Parking Requirements (File No. 170625)

Thursday, June 22, 12 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission
10. 014-001272GPA Pier 70 Mixed-use project – General Plan Amendment
11.a-b  017-003880PCA, 2017-003880MAP  Corona Heights Large Planning Code and Zoning map
12.  2015-004827ENV Alameda recapture program

Monday, June 26,  1:30PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Land Use and Transportion Meeting
4. 170349 Amending the Administrative Code regarding OMI evictions
5. 170417 Amending the Administrative Code regarding (“OMI”) evictions
6. 170434 Amending Planning Code – Construction of ADUs to conform with state law
7. 170296 Planning Code, Zoning Map – Corona Heights Large Residence SPU District

Tuesday, June 27, – 10AM agenda
Room 250 City Hall SFCTA meetng
Support: Assembly Bill AB 17 (Holden)
Oppose Unless Amended: AB 1625 (Rubio)
7. [Final Approval] Relocate the Geary Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Westbound Bus Lane Transition One Block West and Update the Locally Preferred Alternative – ACTION*

Tuesday, June 27, – 1PM – agenda
Room 250 City Hall SFBOS meeting
170673 Better Market Street
161351 Planning Code – Inclusionary Affordable Housing Fee Requirements] Sponsors: Breed; Kim, Peskin, Safai and Tang
3 o’clock Special:
28. 170638 Hearing of persons interested in or objecting to the determination of exemption from environmental review under the CEQA. issued as a Categorical Exemption by the Planning Department on April 10, 2017, for the SFMTA’s proposed 13th Street Eastbound Bicycle Facility Project, to remove one travel lane along eastbound 13th Street, relocate and remove existing on-street parking, restripe portions of the street, change color of curbs, install signs within the project limits, and install painted bicycle boxes at the intersections of Folsom and 13th Streets, Harrison and 13th Streets, and Bryant and 13th Streets. (Districts 6 and 9) (Appellant: Mary Miles, on behalf of the Coalition for Adequate Review) (Filed May 18, 2017)

Thursday, June 29, 12 PM – NO MEETING

JULY 2017

Thursday, July 7, 12 PM
Case No. 2017-001061PCA-05