November 2017

.Thursday, November 2, 1 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission
ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY Proposed for Indefinite Continuance
505 GRAND VIEW AVENUE Request for Discretionary Review

Friday, November 3, 5 PM
City Hall Special Hearing on Use of Tasers
San Francisco Police Commission will be holding its last public hearing on purchasing stun guns for San Francisco police officers.

Monday, November 6, 1:30PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Land Use and Transportation Committee
171041 Planning Code – Cannabis Regulation
5. Bi-Annual Housing Balance Report – May 2017
6. Hearing – Planning Department’s Housing Balance Report No. 5

Tuesday November 7, 1 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall SFMTA Board Meeting
Consent Calendar:
ESTABLISH– TOW-AWAY, NO STOPPING ANYTIME−17th Street, south side, from 88 feet to 174 feet west of Valencia Street
D. RESCIND – TOW-AWAY NO PARKING, 10 PM TO 6 AM, EVERYDAY−Hubbell Street, north side and south side, between 7th Street and 16th Street
E. RESCIND – TOW-AWAY, NO STOPPING ANYTIME EXCEPT MARKED POLICE VEHICLES − Jessie Street, south side, from 6th Street to 131 feet westerly; and Jessie Street, south side, from 143 feet to 162 feet west of 6th Street
J. RESCIND – TOW-AWAY, NO STOPPING ANYTIME−Paul Avenue, north side, from 3rd Street to Wheat Street
K. ESTABLISH – CLASS III BIKEWAY−Paul Avenue, westbound, between 3rd Street and Wheat Street
I. RESCIND – CLASS II BIKEWAY Paul Avenue, westbound, 3rd Street to Wheat Street
Affirming support for the San Francisco Transportation Demand Management Plan
12. Approving bicycle and parking modifications associated with the 17th Street, Church to Sanchez, Bicycle Safety Project
A. ESTABLISH -TOW-AWAY, NO PARKING ANYTIME – 17th Street, north side and southside, between Sanchez Street and Church Street
B. ESTABLISH-CLASS IV PROTECTED BIKE LANE – 17th Street, eastbound and westbound between Sanchez Street and Church Street. (Explanatory documents include a staff report, and resolution. All of the proposed actions listed above are Approval Actions as
defined by S.F. Administrative Code Chapter 31.)

Tuesday November 7 – Board of Supervisors Meeting cancelled for Veterans Day

Thursday November 9, SF Planning Commission Meeting cancelled for Veterans Day

Monday, November 14, 10 AM
Room 2511 City Hall SFCTA Meeting
6. [Final Approval] Approve the San Francisco TDM Plan
7. Approve Prop K Sales Tax Funds for Five Requests Projects: (SFMTA) Upgrade Life and Fire Safety Systems ($1,837,137); Valencia Street Bikeway Implementation Plan [NTIP Planning] ($145,000); Youth Bicycle Safety Education Classes ($117,243); Bike to Work Day 2018 ($38,475)
10. Presentation on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s 2017 Facilities Framework –INFORMATION*

Tuesday,  November 15 1 PM  agenda
City Hall Room 400 SFMTA City Hall
1. [Planning Code, Zoning Map – Pier 70 Special Use District]
8. Pier 80 Development Agreements
13. 171040 New Flyer of America, Inc. – Purchase of Low Floor Diesel-Hybrid Buses

Tuesday, November 16, 2 PM agenda
Room 250 City Hall Board of Supervisors,
11. 1707033 approval of Subdivision roles

Thursday, November 18, 1 PM agenda
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission Meeting
2534-2540 MISSION STREETWest side of Mission Street Foreign Cinema CU to permit the change of use from a vacant non-retail professional service to a restaurant and allow the expansion of an existing restaurant (DBA Foreign Cinema), and to permit a non-residential use size larger than 6,000 square feet in the Mission Street NCT.
24. A-G Request for DR of Building Permit Applications under proposals to remove two unauthorized dwelling units owned by Judy Woo, who is charged with renting illegal units. Tenants are concerned about having to leave during construction. These appear to be single family dwellings holding tenants under HUD and other government programs. The media has been all over this one.

Tuesday, November 30, 2 PM agenda (TBD)
Room 400 City Hall Board of Supervisors,
3 O’clock Specials:
1 Approval of Subdivision roles
For further information, please call Rich Sucré at (415) 575-9108 or email at, and ask about Case No. 2014.1302CUA.
Case No. 2014-002181MAPPCA: Establishment of the Geary-Masonic Special Use District [Board File 161109]
Case No. 2014-002181CUAVAR: 2670 Geary Boulevardlocated on the northwest corner of Geary Boulevard and Masonic Avenue; Lot 003 in Assessor’s Block 1071 (District 2) – Request for Conditional Use Authorization