January 2018

 I apologize for the late calendar this week.

Tuesday, January 3, 2018 6-8 PM
Room 400 1650 Mission Street SF Planning Department
Community meeting to discuss the final draft of the Urban Design Guidelines. The project is tentatively scheduled to the Planning Commission for an informational hearing on January 11, 2018.

Monday, January 8, 1:30 PMagenda
Room 250 City Hall Land Use and Transportation
1. [Planning Code – Definition of Gross Floor Area]
2. [Planning Code – Article 8 Corrections]
3. [Planning Code – Mission Street Neighborhood Commercial Transit District]
4. [Interim Zoning Controls – Conditional Use for Restaurants and Storefront Mergers]
5. [General Plan Amendment – Western Shoreline Area Plan (Local Coastal Plan)]
6. [Interim Zoning Controls – Supervisorial District 11 – Institutional Uses, Certain Personal Service Uses, and Conversion of Commercial to Residential Use]

Tuesday, January 9, 10 AMAgenda
Room 250 City Hall SFCTA Meeting
4. Election of Chair and Vice Chair for 2018
9. Presentation on the Voter Survey Prepared for Task Force 2045
10. Update on TNC regulations in California and across the country

Tuesday, January 9, 2 PMagenda 
Room 250 City Hall SF Board of Supervisors Meeting
3 PM Special Mayor’s Appearance
3. [Emergency Declaration – Design and Construction of Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing’s Administrative Offices and Access Point – 440 Turk Street] Resolution declaring an emergency, and authorizing and directing the Director of Public Works, or designee thereof, to construct an access point to front-door services, case management, medical attention, and mental health counseling to individuals affected by homelessness at the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing property at 440 Turk Street, pursuant to Administrative Code, Section 6.60(a). As I recall last time this came up, some supervisors failed to support spending money and energy on setting up an office in the midst of a housing crisis. I concur. In an emergency you set up a tent. Wouldn’t hurt for those working with tent dwellers to at least work in a tent.
4. [Transportation Code – Motorized Scooter and Moped Parking Restrictions]  Ordinance amending the Transportation Code to permit motorized scooters and mopeds to park in designated motorcycle parking spaces.
5. 170931 [Transportation Code – Shared Vehicle Parking Restrictions] Ordinance amending the Transportation Code to change the term “Car Share Vehicle” “Shared Vehicle” and permit Shared Vehicles to park in designated parking spaces.
9. [Business and Tax Regulations Code – Minimum Filing Thresholds for Gross Receipts Tax and Payroll Expense Tax]
27. [General Plan Amendment – Western Shoreline Area Plan (Local Coastal Plan)]
28. [Interim Zoning Controls – Conditional Use for Restaurants and Storefront Mergers]

Thursday, January 11, 1 PMagenda
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission Meeting
Public comment
F. URBAN DESIGN GUIDELINES–Informational Presentation providing an overview and update of the Department’s proposed Urban Design Guidelines, community engagement process and input, revisions incorporated into last draft, and introduction to proposed Special Area Design Guidelines.
16. [668-678 PAGE STREET – north side of Page Street between Steiner and Fillmore Streets; Lot 01 in Assessor’s Block 0843 (District 5) – Request for Condominium Conversion Subdivision, pursuant to Subdivision Code Sections 1332 and 1381, to convert a three-story-over-garage, six-unit building into residential condominiums. The subject property is located within a RH-3 (Residential – House, Three Family) Zoning District and 40-X Height and Bulk District. Preliminary Recommendation: Approve with Conditions. See article in 48hills on this story remidning us that this flat is where the 100 year old woman was famoulsy evicted. Is planning not ware of the law that restricts conversions after evictions?

Holiday schedule Monday and Tuesday January 15-16 at City Hall

Tuesday, January 16, 1 PMagenda (contains links to docs)
Room 400 City Hall SFMTA Board Meeing
Consent Calendar : Items psss without discussoin Passes unless someone takes action.
C-D Bike lanes going in on 16th St. and Missouri St. around 7th – as they SFMTA is supposedly working on 16th Street.
E-H Parking changes on Townsend
I badly defined parking area changes on 6th Street. (?)
(10.3) Parking alterations on Harrison near Embarcadero
(10,4-10.8) Contract modificaitons
Regular Calendar:
11. Amending Transportation Code Division II, Section 905 – (docs)
11 A Residential Permit Parking Area AA in the northwest Bernal Heights
12. Approving the parking and traffic modifications associated with the Upper Market Street Safety
13. Bike lanes on Turk Street
14. SFMTA annual report

Wednesday, January 17, 1 PM – agenda
1650 Mission Street, Suite 400, Room 406, Planning Department
Zoning Variance Hearing (Special Hearing)
2220-2230 TURK BLVDexposure and rear yard variances sought (doc).

Wednesday, January 17, 2 PM – agenda
Room 263 City Hall Rule Committee Meeting
Cannabis Charter Amendment – Cannabis Commission
Charter Amendment – Noncitizen Voting in School Board Elections
Charter Amendment – Appointed Board Members and Commissioners Seeking Elective Office
5. Charter Amendment – Retirement Board
6. Charter Amendment – Revenue Bonds for Public Utilities Commission Power Facilities
7. Charter Amendment – Jurisdiction Within City Government Over Parking and Traffic Matters (17139)
8. Charter Amendment – Budget Set-Asides and Baselines

Thursday, January 18, 1 PMagenda (docs attached)
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission Meeting
Public comment
10. Burnett Ave. and Burnett Ave. North – issues with steep slope, effect on neighbors  who claim that  PUC parcel and vacated street proposed for rezoning and sale should have also been offered via a public process for other neighbors to purchase before the settlement in question was arranged.
11. 150 Eureka Review and Comment
12. 188 Hooper and other CCA school properties located in SF.
13a-b 744 Harrison LPA
15. 590 Leland Ave. – Demolition of an existing church and construction of five new three-story, single-family homes. This one made the news due to the historical significance of the unique craft-style design of the church. There may also be some concern over the condition of the soil.

January 20, 12 PM
Civic Center
“Hear Our Vote” rally and march

Thursday, January 25, 1 PM – agenda TBD
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission Meeting
1600 Ocean Ave. CU request (2015-009450CUA)
2230 3rd St.– west side between 19th and 20th Streets LPA request (2013.0531X)
863 Carolina Street – between  20-22nd St. CU request (2017-001990CUA)
1390 Market St.- between Hayes and Polk CU request (2017-013413CUA)

Thursday, February 8, 10 AM – report
Room 250 City Hall Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee Meeting
Public Bank  Report:
The Budget Legislative Analyst and the Treasurer will be making presentations on a report about public banking and the status of the municipal banking task force.
Sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1993875007602322/
Interested parties should attend and prepare public comments on how SF may establish a public bank that serves the people of San Francisco.  The agenda has not been posted but we will updated when the item number is released. Any questions please email publicbanksf@gmail.com