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Thursday, February 21, 6 -8 PM
Saturday, February 23, 11 AM -1 PM
745 Treat Street Mission Rec Center auditorium
SFMTA Community Design Workshops: Housing on top of a new Muni yard?
The SFMTA is modernizing Potrero Yard at 17th and Mariposa into a new three-story building, and is considering building housing on top of the new yard. These workshops will be focused on community activities that look at the potential for housing on the site, and the size and scale of the project. Share your neighborhood housing priorities. At the workshop, you can also provide input on the best way for the building to fit into the neighborhood, and how to move residents and employees to and from the site. To learn more about the project, visit SFMTA.com/PotreroYard. In addition, SFMTA has created Facebook event pages for both the February 21 workshop and February 23 workshop.
This is an important project that will effect our neighborhood and we need to get the word out to as many people as possible to let them know about it. If you can’t make it to the meeting, send comments to the supervisors and SMTA staff  
D-9 Hillary Ronon , District Supervisor – hillary.ronen@sfgov.org
D-10 Shamann Walton, District Supervisor – Shamann.Walton@sfgov.org

Wednesday, March 20, 3:30 PM – contact SFMTA CAC
Noe Valley Room 7th Floor 1 S Van Ness MTA Headquarters
– agenda
Siemens Light Rail Trains Seating
will be a discussion topic at the MTA Citizens’ Advisory Council Finance and Administration Committee meeting
Seating is a major issue for many:
* Seats too high for individuals with short legs.
* Seats are hard on hip bone contact
* Flat seats and sliding  – seats not contoured for stability
* Back and forth train movement with no back support is difficult on the spine.
* Incline travel (Dolores Park for example) is hard on the spine
* Middle person has to reach across to push the stop button, no pull cord available
* Seating is awkward / confining  for the “middle” person


Several years ago the  MTA internet survey resulted in about a 55%-45% approval of the current configuration. At some meetings this has been interpreted as overwhelming support. This current seating configuration allows more passenger capacity.  However, the fleet will grow from 151  to  about 220 or so.

As disclosed at the MTA office site Board meeting, Muni will conduct an “intercept” survey asking patrons their opinion of the seat configuration.

When the topic arises in personal conversation, no one has approved of the new seat configuration.

Bottom line,  you have to show up as numbers count if your are dissatisfied with the current seat configuration.  As with any major equipment procurement, change orders for a price are in line.  With only about 70 light rail vehicles delivered, now is the time to initiate a change order to the contract.   This decision will be with us for the next 30 years until the next generation of light rail vehicles is purchased. If you can’t get there in person, send letters and comments to your supervisor, Ed Reiskin and the SFMTA CAC expressing your feelings regarding these seats.
Contact: San Francisco City Mayor, and Supervisors, and SFMTA